The Poetry of Low Light

Al Hilal

Hilal is an Indonesian man living in Bangkalan, Madura, Indonesia. He was born in Bangkalan on November 5th. People like to call him Hilal and he has maduranese blood in him. When he was born he had a full head of jet black hair and spent most of his first few years being obsessed with his hands. That was until he saw his feet, whole new world there.

Hilal spends his days thinking of the future’s life. He plans on studying next time, but isn’t too sure about what and where yet. Yes, he has worked as a network engineer and web designer in the past, but doesn’t do either anymore. He is still interested in web design and standards, but now his new world is the Art Photography.

He likes to dress in smart casual clothes, He usually looks confident, but on the inside he’s quite shy. he’s also quite stubborn minded and tends to talk himself out of things. he analyses things to death and thinks too much about the simplest of things. he loves learning new things, making people laugh and is very loving person that will always protect his true friends.